Client data in safe hands
As part of our financial accounting services, we offer you a comprehensive package of services tailored to the needs of your business.

It goes without saying that these include regular data backups and data storage in line with legal requirements.

We also have special solutions for our international clients, to help make financial accounting as easy as possible. By relying on up-to-date communications and software solutions, we can provide our services even across long distances. This requires only limited resources from you - so why not ask us for details today!

List of services related to financial accounting:

  • Preparation of general ledgers for your business
  • Authenticated transmission of provisional declarations for value added tax to the appropriate tax office
  • Management accounts and reporting (management accounts, statement of totals and balances, open item accounting, cross-sectoral comparison)
  • Management accounting
  • Synchronisation and monitoring of advance income tax payments
  • Providing client data in the event of a tax audit